Brynn (formerly Zena)
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Brynn's picture on Petfinder (back when she was Zena)

Brynn’s picture from Petfinder (back when she was Zena)

A report from Brynn’s adopter Braedon:

Brynn was adopted at the very beginning of June 2012 when she was about 1.5 years old, and she seemed like quite the mellow pitt bull mix. Although pit bulls are very often misunderstood, Brynn does a great job of proving the stereotypes wrong. The first time I saw her at the SPCA, I knelt down and she jumped right up on me as if she was giving me a hug. What a sweetheart!

brynn and braedon

Braedon and Brynn are a great pair!




To my surprise, Brynn came home and was immediately obedient. It turns out that whoever had owned her had already potty trained her and began teaching her simple commands. It didn’t take long for Brynn to master the art of sit, lay down, come, and let’s not forget our favorite: get down.

Does she look like she’s found her forever home?

Brynn has definitely lost the mellow attitude since coming to her permanent home; she loves to play all of the time! She really enjoys playing fetch with her bone (the only toy she plays with) in the house, but outside it’s all about the sticks. If she sees a little critter or deer, she’s off to try and catch them. She sure does run fast for having such small legs! She is more than happy in her home, and I am more than happy to share the home with her.

Brynn sleeping

Brynn looks quite comfy.

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