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Cooper sure looks comfy!

Cooper sure looks comfy!

Cooper, a sweet lab mix, was adopted in October 2012 when he was about 3 months old.  Below is an update from Cooper’s adopter Marisa:

Cooper and Ace

Older brother Ace (left) and Cooper are best friends.

Our transition with Cooper’s adoption was filled with moments of joy and challenge. We had previously adopted another dog from our years in Pennsylvania, and their adjustment to sharing food, affection, and space was at first quite difficult. Now, Cooper and Ace are best friends, and are often seen napping together, grooming one another, and playing like brothers (see picture at left).

Cooper also developed a knee problem, which we decided to have surgically fixed. This was certainly an unexpected expense but has helped him to live a truly quality life as a member of our family. We continue to work with him on obedience, but he has proven to possess an intelligence that is sometimes shocking.

Cooper learns by observing. He has learned how to get ice from the refrigerator door, how to open doors, and how to get his mom and dad to pick him up and carry him just about anywhere. He is brilliant and also very sensitive. We have had many laughs from observing his hilarious behavior, and shared tender moments through his times of weakness and operation recovery.

He has been such a gift, and we wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. 

Cooper the Dog 2

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