Mr. Pickles
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Funny Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles when he was a little kitten (or was he Master Pickles back then?).

A report from Mr. Pickle’s adopter Charlotte:

Mr. Pickles was adopted in September 2012 when he was a young kitten. Mr. Pickles belonged to a litter of five kittens.  He and all of his siblings were precious. I wanted to take all of them home that day, but when it came down to it, Mr. Pickles was the one. I took him home with no name but a friend of mine decided on the name Pickles right away. The “Mr.” was added after his outgoing, rambunctious personality started to show.

Young Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles shows his playful side, which is, apparently, his belly.

I have only had experience with dogs in the past, so Mr. Pickles and I took some extra time to get acquainted with each other. However, I have to say that Mr. Pickles made the transition as easy as possible.

As a college student, I have a busy schedule and Mr. Pickles fit right in. He will stay up late with me at night and also make sure I’m up in the early hours of morning. He balances his independence with his loyal and playful personality.

Mr. Pickles is all grown up now.

Mr. Pickles is all grown up now but hasn’t lost his spunk.

Mr. Pickles is smart as can be and loves to explore. He never ceases to amuse me or make me smile. Mr. Pickles’ favorite hobbies are knocking over cups, sun bathing, and snuggling. He has learned to open up doors, meow his way into getting a tasty treat, and make new friends easily.

As a student, my days are often stressful, and Mr. Pickles has brought much-needed joy and comic relief into my life. I would have never anticipated that I would become a cat owner in years previous, but now I could not be more grateful for Mr. P. He’s got it going on and I’m so lucky to have him around.

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