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Gravy and her "sister" in a quiet moment at home.

Gravy, her “sister”, and their stuffed animals in a quiet moment at home.

Gravy is an average, grey tabby.  I’ve seen many, many cats that look just like her.  When I visited the SPCA cat room 8 years ago, I hoped to find the perfect kitten that resembled the 14 year-old torti I just lost.  This room was filled with cats—many out exercising and playing, and several kittens ran around the room.  None paid the least attention to me as I sat around them.  I didn’t know which one to pick, so I scanned the cages again and saw the gray tabby lounging in the back of her cage and asked if she could come out in the room, too.  As soon as I sat on the floor with the cats again, she came over to me and curled up in my lap, purring.  She didn’t move, and I knew she choose me.

We have a pretty special bond these days.  When I began labor with my first child 3 years ago and sat on the couch counting contractions, she sat next to me and licked my arm until we needed  to go to the hospital.  My daughter has grown to love her too, and helps take care of Gravy. 

I think this story speaks volumes of how special an SPCA adopted cat can be. 


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