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An update from Rosetta (formerly Jenny)’s family:
We knew Rosetta was the one as soon as we took her out of the cage at the SPCA. She didn’t run or hide like we expected a timid shelter cat to do. Instead, she walked in circles around my four-year-old daughter Elinor, nuzzling her repeatedly while purring. It was like she picked us! My six-year-old son is autistic, and he has had a special pet–a ferret–to call his own,, for the past two years. Elinor sometimes feels “side-lined” due to her brother’s disability and really needed something to belong just to her, and Rosetta was exactly what she needed!

They are the best of friends. Rosetta is very patient with Elinor and will let her pick her up and carry her around. Rosetta will often seek out her company and sleep in her room. She also has this very dog-like attribute of greeting us at the door when we come home! We really have come to love Rosetta and are certain she must be the sweetest cat on the planet! She has gotten along great with our 7-year-old rescue dog Lily and loves to play with Crash, our ferret!

She’s been a great addition to the family.

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