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Dudley, at the shelter, back when he was known as Everbrite.

Dudley, at the shelter, back when he was known as Everbrite.

Dudley’s story from his adopter Brett:

In mid-December 2013 “Everbrite” came across my Facebook page, and I instantly fell in love with that face. He looked just like my Barkley who was a rescue from North Carolina. After much back and forth with shelter manager Karen Beard and hoping he would get adopted locally, decisions had to be made. Karen told me about kennel assistant Sarah who had been working extremely hard with this boy to bring him out of his shell. A decision was finally made, and with the help of SNARR animal rescue “Everbrite” would be coming up to New York as my foster.

Dudley (right), relaxing with his new brothers.

Dudley (right), relaxing with his new siblings.

Dudley (bottom) supports his new brother.

Dudley (bottom) supports his new sibling, literally.

I anxiously awaited the day he would be here, and the transport was running behind, but I couldn’t wait to give this guy a foundation for his new life. He was very scared when he got in the car, but that face was precious. Finally we had arrived at home, http://vhealthportal.com/product-category/anticonvulsants/, and he was greeted by 3 other beagles and welcomed home. His first night went pretty smooth, but he didn’t want to be left alone in any room at all. Fast forward about 3 weeks later, now known as Dudley, he was on his way to finding his forever.

Dudley found his forever family with me, and I knew from day 1 there was no chance I’d let him go. I did have to give it a try. He now has a big backyard, a food bowl with his name on it, a collar with his name on it, and 2 brothers and a sister, and all the love one could ask for. He is happy, wiggly, and joyful little man.

If it wasn’t for the amazing volunteers that helped him he might have never found his way. Thank you, and he thanks you every time he looks at me with those happy eyes. Your page works, and Dudley is a perfect example of how it does.

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